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In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we are looking for a top performer to serve as our


You will report directly to the CEO and will be part of the top management team.

We need your experience to:

  • Run the service delivery / project management, procurement, logistics and quality management functions of the company

  • Participate in developing the company´s business strategy and goals

  • Ensure organizational capacity and capability to attain strategic goals

  • Develop project managers and other leaders via coaching, mentoring and other methods

  • Develop world class business processes and management tools

  • Daily monitor progress and risks associated with service delivery / project management

You could match well with the role, if you have:

  • A track record of successful operations management, preferably in a midsize or large project management organization.

  • Experience in being part of a company´s top management team, creating and implementing strategies and strategic goals

  • Proven qualities of development-focused leadership

  • Ability to focus on what matters most and delegate the rest

  • High level written and spoken English. Command of Estonian and Russian language is a significant advantage.

We´d love your personality to include:

  • Honesty and Positivity

  • Initiative and accountability

  • Structural and process driven thinking

You can apply until February 17th, 2020 either by sending your CV directly to or through